Our Story

Dominion Cigar is a Canadian National cigar distributor of its own Black Lotus, and forthcoming Flor De Claro cigar lines. Focusing on the Canadian market, Dominion is proud to be the only true Canadian boutique brand, with its own direct distribution network to tobacconists Canada wide. This was no easy task owner Steve Ricker said, as it took close to a year and a half to get the appropriate tobacco licensing in place for each Canadian Province  we planned to do business in. Red tape, more red tape and hoops to jump though, before I could truly get started.

Ricker wanted to produce something very special for his first cigar the Black Lotus. Deciding to produce at Tabacos De Oriente in Honduras, also know for producing such fine cigars from Rocky Patel and Alec Bradley, just to name a couple. Ricker had the opportunity to collaborate with Ralph Montero of Alec Bradley on the new blend. Montero helped Ricker with his vision to produce a unique blend of the finest Honduran and Nicaraguan tobacco, that would eventually become the Black Lotus.

Since It’s launch in late October 2014, the Black Lotus has become very popular with the Canadian cigar enthusiast and tobacconists alike across Canada. In June of 2015, the Black Lotus became a top twenty seller in over half the Canadian tobacconists that carry the cigar. This was no easy accomplishment, in a country where Cuban cigar sales account for about 80% of the entire Canadian cigar market. No other Canadian cigar brand has seen this kind of success domestically in over 100 years. Whats next? Ricker’s focus is on continuing to grown Dominion Cigar and its brands, putting the attention on the development of new exiting  blends, that hopefully people will enjoy.

In mid August 2015, Dominion Cigar  launched its much anticipated follow up to the Black Lotus, the Flor De Claro.

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